Proposal for improvement capes evaluation system in engineering III

Mirian Batista de Oliveira Bortoluzzi, Fagner José Coutinho de Melo, Armando Muchanga


This paper aims to discuss the criteria and weights used by the CAPES evaluation in the area of Engineering III of the Postgraduate Program evaluating the possibility of incorporating some criteria and/or methodological aspects of international evaluation systems. The Brazilian postgraduate system must be evaluated not only in terms of number of programs, students and notes, but also need to be considered distribution by area of knowledge and quality in research. So we sought to characterize the international rankings to differentiate from each other mainly by their methodological orientation. Thus the authors emphasize the difficulty of assigning appropriate weights to each indicator in order to meet the demand of users who consult the rankings with interests as diverse. Therefore the results of this paper contribute to the improvement of the evaluation methodology of CAPES, when considering the critical identified in the analysis, suggesting the inclusion of new indicators and criteria, as well as the redistribution of weights. It was also observed that the performance in research has been consideration in the analysis and classification of universities in major international university rankings.


CAPES assessment; QS; THE; ARWU; Ranking.

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