Organizational performance and adoption of sustainable practices in the agribusiness industry: an analysis of multimodal load terminals

Arthur Caldeira Sanches, Adriane Angélica Farias Santos Lopes de Queiroz, Luis Henrique Pereira


Agriculture contributes greatly to the Brazilian economy, especially to grain production and export. Thus, the logistics gains importance on the national scene as a way of disposing the crops production, moving them to ports and multimodal terminals. Considering the definition of sustainability as the "development that meets present needs allowing future generations to meet their own needs", to achieve peak performance in this cenario should be a matter of balance between the actions adopted by the companies to fulfill its ecomonic performance and its sustainable practices. This study presents an analysis of the sustainable practices adopted by multimodal cargo terminals in intended to comply with regulations and legal requirements. It was concluded that the sustainable actions have influence on the performance variation of multimodal terminals, however, the discussion and adoption of such practices are still superficial. Furthermore, sustainable actions might be related to company performance, although this topic needs to be explored further.


sustainability, performance, multimodal terminals

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