Patent technometry by mind maps: a study on the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Celso Arruda Vanderlei, Claudia Kniess, Luc Quoniam


Objective: To demonstrate the possibility of relating bibliographical review and patent technometry in a study on the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Method: Technometry in patents using a mind map generated from the classification of 466 patent registers. The prospecting of patents was carried out through the software Patent2Net accessing the database of the European Patent Office (EPO).

Originality/Relevance: Research in patent databases as a source of information has been growing substantially with advances in information technology, but the identification of relevant records in a given context from the large volume of data available is still a challenge. In this work, we have analysed a method that has not yet been published, which deals with patent technometry with the use of mind maps.

Results: The patent records found were related to the main problems mentioned in the literature on WEEE recycling, involving the following aspects: a) separation of high-value components from other elements. b) reduction of the environmental impact of battery recycling; c) transformation of solid waste into material useful or harmless to the environment; d) separation of metals from plastic waste; e) solutions for the adequate collection of residues from the domestic environment; and e) techniques to reduce the health impact of recycling professionals.

Theoretical/methodological contributions: Presentation of the method of patent analysis by mind maps as a complementary resource to bibliographic research in studies aimed at technological innovation.


Technometry. Patents. Recycling. Waste electrical and electronic equipment.



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