The Effect of Physical Activity on Resiliency and Productivity and Reducing Staff Absence Based on Public Health of University’s Female Staff

Maryam Habiby Vatan, Mahvash Noorbakhsh, Parivash Nourbakhsh, Shokoh Navabi Nejad


The purpose of this research was to study the effect of 12-week physical activity on resiliency, productivity and reducing staff absence based on public health of the female staff of Islamic Azad University. In this paper, we used the pretest-posttest quasi-experimental study designs The method of this research was semi-experimental and carried out having pre-test and post-test with pre-test – post-test design with two control and experimental groups. The population of the research was consisted of 94 individuals among whom, the female staff of the university out of 94 academic staff, 48 persons were randomly selected and assigned to either of the control or experimental groups each containing 24 subjects. The tools for gathering data were the resiliency inventory of Connor and Davidson (2003) with Cronbach's alpha of r=0.90 and validity of r=0.84. The other questionnaire used for the productivity of workplace was and productivity inventory of Hang (2008), its reliability using reliability was r=0.71 and its validity was r=0.60 were used in order to measure the study variables. To test hypotheses independent t test and Mann Whitney test were used at α=0.05 to analyze the data. The results showed indicated that 12-week physical activity had significant effect on resiliency and productivity of the staff subjects. But the 12-week physical activity has not had a significant while the positive effect on reducing staff absence. It is recommended that managers stimulate regular physical exercise to all staff in organizations and to establish practical plans to provide physical activities, especially female staff whom suffering from special restrictions, can take advantages of this plan (productivity and resiliency).


Resiliency; Productivity; Physical Activity; Reducing staff absence

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