Organizational Tensions as Driving Forces of Dynamic Capabilities in Hybrid Organizations

Aline dos Santos Barbosa, Marcello Romani-Dias, Rodrigo Assunção Rosa


Since structuralist theory we know that organizational tensions and conflicts are not necessarily detrimental to the purposes of a given enterprise. Based on this assumption we had in this theoretical article the objective of analyzing how the presence of organizational tensions can be a potential driver of dynamic capacities in hybrid organizations, illustrated in the article as social enterprise. As the main contribution of the study, we stress that the tensions of belonging, learning, organization and performance can boost dynamic capabilities of behaviors and skills, routines and processes and mechanisms of learning and knowledge governance in hybrid organizations and potentially in other organizational typologies. We also bring a stimulus so that the managers of hybrid organizations are aware of the tensions of their enterprises because, while on the one hand these can boost dynamic capabilities, on the other, they can lead to the decline of their activities, given the current scenario of frequent technological changes and institutions we live.


Dynamic Capabilities; Organizational Tensions; Hybrid Organizations; Social Enterprises.



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