Mapping the strategic approach in academic publications about the Third Sector

Augusto Cesar Marins Machado, Karine Francisconi, Sergio Filipe Chaerki


The Third Section is conigured in a wide and rich ield of researches and investigations; however, the academic production of critical and analytical studies regarding the social organizations in that section can still be considered incipient. In speciic areas as strategy, in the theoretical or empiric ield, it is noticed the strong and total relationship with the private world, what does not make unfeasible any of the study techniques and conceptions for the organizations of the Third Section. In this theoretical essay, it is aimed to introduce what is discussed about strategy, in the main academic publications of the Third Section presented in the ANPAD meetings, from 1997 to 2006. Among the aspects or central theme found in the research are the deinition of strategy, the formation of the strategies, the strategic alliances, the indicators, the stakehold ers and the strategy as practice. The possibility of inding those themes elapses of the particularities of that section, characterized in its structure or functionality.


Strategy. Sustentability. Third Sector.



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