An Assessment of Academic Production of Recent Business Clusters in Brazil

João Paulo Lara de Siqueira, Daniel Portillo Serrano, Irene Pereira de Oliveira Stenzel Rimonato, Regina Tartareli


Researchers often face difficulties when identifying the principal texts and authors in a field of knowledge of interest to them, especially in areas that are not consolidated, as in the case of business clusters. This study’s objective is to identify the most important authors of recent papers on business clusters, in terms of production volume and number of citations, and which international authors play a major influence on the national research in this area. The study was conceived with a sample of the literature of interest constituted by the works presented in the EnANPAD and Semead events, between 1997 and 2008. The bibliometric technique was adopted - a quantitative and statistical method to measure the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge -. Our findings demonstrate that Toledo, Szafir-Goldstein and Câmara are the most published national authors. The researchers having the largest number of citations are Casarotto Filho, Pires, Amato Neto, Toledo and Zaccarelli. International authors possessing a higher number of citations are Michael Porter and others related to the field of economics. The study suggests that the national literature concerned with clusters is more disperse than in other branches of knowledge.


Clusters; Bibliometrics; Strategy.



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