Strategic Formulation Factors Before Isomorphism: Analysis of Local Production Arrangement of Knitwear of Imbituva

Carlos Cesar Garcia Freitas, Antônio João Hocayen-da-Silva, Andrea Paula Segatto


This article aims to describe the isomorphic factors present in organizational interactions with the local production arrangement of knitwear of city Imbituva. These factors, according to the institutional perspective, which influence the formulation of strategic organizations. To conduct the study, a documentary research of descriptive and qualitative nature. The results lead to conclude that organizations are influenced by isomorphic coercive, mimetic and normative factors. It is still possible to infer that while the shares of APL promote development activities, on the other side ends up limiting the autonomous action of organizations because of the dependencies created in relation to access resources and knowledge, as well as in reducing costs in terms of economies of scale through the power of collectivity.


Institutional Analysis; Coercive Isomorphism, Mimetic Isomorphism; Normative Isomorphism.



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