Entrepreneurship and Strategy the Perspective of Logic Effectuation

Emanuelly Alves Pelogio, Luiz Célio Souza Rocha, Hilka Vier Machado, Miguel Eduardo Moreno Añez


Entrepreneurs are part of a dynamic and uncertain environment involving multiple decisions, which are interdependent and simultaneous. However, the action of the entrepreneur has been widely questioned. One of the main questions made about this entrepreneur’s strategy is that it isn’t consistently planned or prescribed in a deterministic way, the way that a lot of research in entrepreneurship and strategy seem to emphasize. Thus, this paper aims to conduct a theoretical construct designed to expose and discuss the topic entrepreneurship and strategy from the perspective of Effectuation logic, which is a alternative decision making model to the classic decision making model. Therefore, we carried out a bibliographic, exploratory and with qualitative analysis approach study. We conclude that there is a need to consider other approaches to understand the action of the entrepreneur in a non deterministic and nonlinear sight.


Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneur; Strategy; Effectuation; Decision Making Model.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5585/ijsm.v12i2.1942


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