Analysis of particle production in the municipalities of Angra dos Reis, Campos and Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro

Sebastião Lourenço dos Santos João, Gustavo Lopes Olivares


The productive clusters are currently constant reference in the research lines turn into strategic issue. Cities with production clusters have differentiated development in relation to other cities. This development has a direct influence on the location / installation and management of companies. This factor allows the organization gain a competitive advantage due to proximity to their suppliers and direct contact with the local population. With supplier companies increase the mobility of its supply chain and benefit from the existence of quality equipment in the network. This study aims to analyze, evaluate and classify the productive clusters of cities in the State of Rio de Janeiro, particularly in the municipalities of Angra dos Reis, Campos and Petropolis, to achieve balanced local development that benefits all stakeholders by product / city services. Productive clusters must necessarily contribute to improving the level of service offered to the customer. The methodology adopted was proposed by the Suzigan et al (2003) and Britto and Albuquerque (2002), to assess, analyze and classify the clusters in addition to bibliographic survey to support the study. The results show that depending on the importance of economic activity for the city, the production clusters greatly contribute to local development and increase the range of options for the local consumer.


clusters, benefits, strategy, competitiveness.



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