Meeting the Editors at the 9th Iberoamerican Academy of Management Conference

Fernando Antonio Ribeiro Serra


The following Editorial Comment presents a summary of the main ideas and suggestions presented at the “Meeting with the Editors” at the 9th Iberoamerican Academy of Management (IAM) Conference, in Santiago (Chile). The meeting was conducted by three editors: Jonathan Doh from the Journal of World Business, Martin Larraza from Management Research and Herman Aguinis, President of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management and former editor of Organizational Research Methods. The conference took place from 3rd to 5th December 2015, and was hosted by Universidad Del Desarrollo. This editorial does not change the focus of the previous recent editorial comments of the Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management (IJSM). Its purpose of helping researchers and students in their quest to conduct quality research and publish it remains unchanged. These specific editorial comments are grouped in the menu section of the IJSM website under the title How to publish (or perish)? (available at


Publish or Perish; Iberoamerican Academy of Management; Management Research; Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management; Researchers.

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