Modelo construtivista para apoiar o processo de gestão da Universidade Federal de Tocantins

Leonardo Ensslin, Ademar Dutra, Renard Pereira Martins, Vinicius Dezem


Higher education institutions have a direct impact in promoting economic growth and social development. Specially of the environment on which they operate. Their results are expected by governments, businesses and society. For this reason, there is a need for management tools that can support decision-making processes. In this context, this present study main question is how a Performance Assessment Model can contribute to Araguina Campus management process of the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT)? To answer the question, the goal is to structure a performance evaluation multicriteria model to support the management of Araguaína campus of the Federal University of Tocantins. The developed case study has exploratory character with qualitative and quantitative approach, collecting primary and secondary data. The intervention instrument used was the Multicriteria Decision-Aid Methodology – Constructivist (MCDA-C). Methodology that meets the foundations of performance evaluation as a decision support tool. We identified 8 strategic objectives, operationalized by 134 performance indicators. Among these, 33 are in compromising performance, highlighting the need for intervention. The model facilitated the overview of this situation and provided a process for proposing improvement actions. Thus, enabling the monitoring and improvement of the current situation.


Ensino Superior; Universidades; Avaliação do Desempenho; Metodologia MCDA-C.



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