Organizational routines in the environment of the evolutionary theory

Carlos Alberto Xavier do Nascimento, Roberto Lima Ruas, Dirceu da Silva


Nelson and Winter (2005) "An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change", as well as important contributions to organizational studies in general, provide the basis for a comprehensive debate about the concept of Organizational Routines. In this review, we highlight the role of the RO concept as one of the foundations of evolutionary theory, whose assumption is that an organization can at any moment incorporate way of doing things and determine what should be done, contrary to the orthodox notions of aptitudes and choices . In the perspective of evolutionary theory, the RO concept appropriates, together with its own stability to a routine, a dynamic dimension necessary for survival in the hostile environment of the market. After presenting some of the fundamentals of the RO concept associated with the work in focus, this review associates the contribution of other studies and authors with the topic to the debate. Finally, a review of recent literature on the subject from the Web of Science source further highlights the timeliness and relevance of the concept in today's business environment.


Organizational Routines; Business Behaviors; Evolutionary Theory; Organizational Studies.



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