Patients with Class II Malocclusion: Cephalometric analysis in the Tegumentary Profile

Sandra Kalil Bussadori, Carlos Eduardo Bugano de Oliveira, Carolina Cardoso Guedes, Kristianne Porta Fernandes, Analúcia Ferreira Marangoni, Maria Aldeíde Costa Borges, Elaine Marcílio Santos


The aim of the study was to assess cephalometric abnormalities in the tegumentary profile of patients with Class II malocclusion. Twenty patients with average age of seven years and eight months were divided into: Group I - control, Class I, no malocclusions (n=10); Group II – Class II malocclusion (n=10). Standardized radiography was performed for the obtainment of the cephalometric points. Langlade’s classification was employed and the features were used: GN.Sn.Pog, ANL,A´-Gv, Pog´- Gv, Ls-GV, Li-GV, Sls-Gv, Sli-Gv. The Student’s t-test and Pearson’s correlation were used, with the level of significance set at 5%. The results show that the patients with Class II had more convex tegumentary profile, less protruded mid face and upper lip, less depth of the upper lip groove and more retracted lower lip and tegumentary chin, with statistically significant differences between groups (p<0.005). The conclusion is that the patients with Class II malocclusion exhibited cephalometric abnormalities in the tegumentary profile.


Angle Class I; Angle Class II; Cephalometry; Malocclusion.

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