Generating Business Model: the pre-incubation as experimental environment

Anderson Paiva Cruz, Iris Linhares Pimenta, Maria Luiza Azevedo Carvalho, Raquel Siqueira Maciel


The main objective of this research is to create a model for monitoring and evaluating companies in the pre-incubation stage, in a technology-based incubator located at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). The monitoring and evaluation model was structured according to the program set for the pre-incubation stage. In this stage, the function of the incubator is to support entrepreneurs in transforming innovative ideas into profitable businesses. The incubator offers courses and mentorships on Business Model Generation (BMG), Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Blue ocean strategy, Metrics and Indicators, as well as Pitch. Methods for monitoring the entrepreneurs combines the concepts presented in the course modules with the construction stages of BMG, prototype development and business validation. Methodologically, this research is characterized as an exploratory study with a qualitative approach. Action Research was used for the monitoring model and for the definition of the course modules. The definition of a standard model for the monitoring and evaluation of companies in a pre-incubation phase, allowed for a more precise monitoring of the company's developmental stage, and allowed the incubator to perform its role more efficiently.


Technology-Based Incubator; Pre-Incubation; Startups; Entrepreneurs; Business Model Generation; Design Thinking



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