Innovation Habitat: Sustainable possibilities for the society

Andreia de Bem Machado, Andreza Regina Lopes da Silva, Marcelo Leandro Borba, Araci Hack Catapan


Contemporary society is moving in the core of a reality in which sustainability needs to be thought out and inserted through practices carried out in different dimensions of society, such as organizations, public and private institutions. This paper aims to identify the contribution of innovation habitats (IH) for sustainability in society. The methodology used was systematic review of scientific literature in one online database. As a result, it was identified: 47 scientific papers publicated since 2000, but more frequently in the last year, 2014, with 10 publications, without providing a reference author in the area. There was also a high number of papers about management and social sciences. It was noticed a short number of publications, empirical and theoretical, about practices to promote sustainable actions in the society, so this indicates the need of research on this kind of practices, with innovation environment as the driver.


Eco-Innovation; Habitat innovation; Sustainable Society; Innovative Practices; Technological Parks

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