The incidence of innovation in corporate social responsibility in the companies of the electrical sector

Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira, Tarcísio Luiz Cândido, Bruno Araújo Lima


In a scenario of economic crisis it is common for companies to reduce the volume of social activities and innovation. Companies in the electricity sector are the basis for a country’s industries, making this sector one of the most important. Therefore, it is relevant to investigate whether companies in the electricity sector perform innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, and CSR actions that can be considered as innovation. The objective of this study was to describe the CSR actions and innovations that matter most to the electric sector companies present in the BM&F Bovespa Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE). A documentary survey was carried out, consisting of the management and sustainability reports, from the years 2013 to 2015, of the 10 companies listed in the ISE in the year 2015. Regarding CSR activities, it can be inferred that promoting art, culture, citizenship, quality of life and generation of income for young people and adults, have programs of inclusive professional training and volunteer programs, matter to the companies surveyed. Regarding the relationship between innovation and CSR, it can be inferred that the implementation of innovations that led to the improvement of social actions, and the elaboration of innovation projects matter to companies, to the detriment of the other researched items. It is suggested that the actions of innovation and CSR are focused primarily on the development of the individual and the interaction with the society in which it is inserted, and this can provide a favorable image of the company for society.


Innovation; Corporate Social Responsibility; Innovation in Social Responsibility; Business Sustainability Index.

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