Imagística: A Case of Youth Entrepreneurship in a Small Film Production Firm

Fernando Antonio Prado Gimenez, Daniela Torres da Rocha


The article presents the trajectory of two young entrepreneurs of the Brazilian audiovisual sector, seeking to present the main motivations to starting the business, difficulties faced during the process and profile of entrepreneurs. In order to achieve the proposed goal, we conducted in-depth semi-structured interviews with the young entrepreneurs over a period of six months. As main results it was verified that the main motivation to start the venture was the desire to develop projects independently and the opportunity to access government incentive policies that promote Brazilian film production. Among the main difficulties faced by the young entrepreneurs were the financial ones. They believe that a good entrepreneur is one who knows his goals, persists in reaching them, and overcomes adversities. The cases illustrates how a cultural entrepreneurship process is composed of a search for competences in both the artistic tools needed producing films as well as business startup and management.


Cinema; Young entrepreneurship; Creative economy; Audio-visual

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