Scarcity of resources: a factor to influence enterprises strategic alliances formation

George Bedinelli Rossi, Angela Cristiane Santos Póvoa, Mauro Neves Garcia, Silvio Augusto Minciotti


This article investigates the influence of scarcity of resources in entrepreneurial arrangements, known as strategic alliances. Revision of the literature suggests three theories: Resources Dependence, Resource Based View and Organizational Learning. The economic sector investigated was industrial automobile automation and the participant companies were chosen by judgment and because they had strategic alliances. Data collection took place in 2005 through in-depth interviews, which were submitted to content analysis. The results, in the light of the Resources Dependence Theory, reveal that companies form alliances for the acquisition of production technology because of the high investments demanded and owing to the seasonality of orders from automobile assembly plants.


Strategic alliance; scarcity of resources; alliances formation.



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