Strategic behavior measurement from the organizational culture: a study in Shopping Centers

Miler Franco Danjour, Bruno Campelo Medeiros, Miguel Eduardo Moreno Añez, Afrânio Galdino de Araújo


This research presents as general purpose measuring strategic behavior from organizational culture styles, in the light of Peace and Mendes (2001) and Miles and Snow (2003). Regarding the methodological procedures, the present study is classified as type quantitative nature, explanatory conducted through a survey analytics. The sample used was probabilistic, simple random, composed of 286 tenants managers of 6 shopping centers in the city of Natal. Through multiple regression analysis, were identified in the organizations studied the prevalence of cultural style entrepreneur. In relation to strategic behavior, identified a profile transiting between the analytic style and prospector. These results indicated a strong influence of the cultural style in the definition of the strategic positioning of organizations. Conclusively, the research confirms the assumptions of the theory when you point to a need to promote a strategic positioning alignment of organization with your organizational culture.


Comportamento Estratégico; Cultura Organizacional; Shopping Centers.



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