Cardiovascular risk in eutrophic young subjects: influence of corporal fat and sympathetic activity

Marcelo Custódio Rubira, Ana Paula Fernandes de Angelis Rubira, Pedro Paulo da Silva Soares, Luciana Gusmão Medeiros, Gizele Alves Neves, Fernanda Marciano Consolim-Colombo


Introduction: There is a strong relationship between sympathetic activity and obesity to early development cardiovascular diseases. Heart rate variability analyses the balance sheet vague-sympathetic and it is an important prognostic for cardiopathies. Objective: The study measured cardiac sympathetic activation in young eutrophic subjects with minor excess fat through the study of heart rate variability. Methods: Thirty-eight women were available, 21.1±1.8 years, BMI below 25 kg/m2, sedentary and divided into two groups: (1) low fat percentile (≤23%) and (2) high (>23%). The electrocardiogram was registered for 10 minutes at rest and stand. Cholesterol and triglycerides fraction was analysed. Results: HDL-c was lower in group 2 (p < 0.019) and LDL-c higher (p<0.038). Group 1 presented higher percentage of LF band in supine (p<0.13). LF band in group 2 (p<0.001) increased of supine for orthostatic position. Conclusion: Low levels of excess fat in young eutrophic women leads an increased the cardiovascular risk.


Anthropometry; Body mass index; Heart rate; Obesity; Sympathetic Nervous System

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