Use of dynamic clothes in cerebral palsy rehabilitation: systematic review

Luciana Vieira Castilho Weinert, Eduardo Borba Neves


Introduction: The intensive physical therapy program using dynamic clothing and elastic cords is an innovative approach in pediatric neurology physiotherapy area. Objective: To analyze the benefits of using dynamic clothes in intensive physical therapy protocols in patients with cerebral palsy. Methods: Electronic databases were used retrospectively without date restriction, in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The search focused on studies to document the use of intensive physical therapy protocols with the clothes on PC. Results: 14 studies were reviewed 6 narrative reviews, 1 systematic review, 6 clinical trials and one case study. It was not possible to group the results due to the diversity of protocols, the characteristics of the participants and the instruments used. Conclusion: All analysed studies reported improvement in gross motor control of patients, however, it is suggested the realization of double blind randomized and controlled clinical trials to prove the benefits of intensive physiotherapy programs with dynamic clothes.


Exercise Therapy; Neurological Rehabilitation; Psychomotor Performance.

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