Comparative Analysis from the Perspective of Tourists in the All-Inclusive System in Cancun, Mexico, and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Francisco Orgaz-Agüera, Tomás López-Guzmán, José Francisco Domínguez Estrada, Manuel Alector Ribeiro


The all-inclusive system has been highly developed in different countries of the Caribbean. This paper shows a comparative analysis of two established destinations such as Cancun and Puerto Plata in order to know the sociodemographic profile and valuation of the all-inclusive system of tourists visiting these areas. The main results show the high degree of satisfaction with the trip because of the convenience that this system gives clients and the knowledge of the spending budget prior to the travel. An aspect to improve stands out as the need to strengthen the interaction between the local community and travellers.


All-inclusive systems; Hotels-resorts; Tourist motivations; Caribbean

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