The adoption of byod or cope policies by a Brazilian company in the Petroleum industry

Marcos Luiz Lins Filho, Marcos Paulo da Silva, Manoel Veras de Sousa Neto, Felipe Luiz Neves Bezerra de Melo, Carlos David Cequeira Feitor


This study aims to assess the perception of employees of a large Brazilian company taking into account the use of personal mobile devices for professional purposes as well as their preference regarding BYOD and COPE models. 768 employees answered a 21 questions online survey, and data analysis was done using the logistic regression model. The results show that the practice of bringing personal devices to the company raises the individual´s likelihood to prefer this model over the COPE model. Therefore, it is up to the organization to observe how often its employees bring personal electronic mobile devices to the organization, and also observe questions of gender and education levels when promoting the implementation of BYOD or COPE, in order to broaden the chances of successfully implementing IT policies.


BYOD; Consumerization; COPE; Information Technology.

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