The future of project management

Harold Kerzner


Many of the companies that were hurt by the new business models created by their competitors were well-managed companies that had a talented labor force and were responsive to the needs of their customers. The mistake they made was spending more time worrying about near-term profits and less time focusing on the long-term success of their company.  Project management was a means to coordinate the creation of a deliverable or outcome. Project managers were assigned to operational projects rather than strategic projects. In the new landscape for project management there are four new principles, project management is now seen as a business process where project managers are expected to make business decisions as well as project-based decisions; project management is now treated as “strategic project management” which is designed to meet strategic business objectives; project management is now seen as the delivery system to create the desired business benefits and business value; project management is now a strategic competency. With the growth expected in the responsibilities of the project managers, we must begin thinking now as to how they will be educated. This article give you an idea of what educational topics you might consider advancing your career. 


strategic project management; project management; PM 5.0.



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