Health Professionals and Organizations Lack of Awareness Regarding the Information Technology Resources Usage in Front of Their Major Beneficiary: Patients

Jayr Figueiredo de Oliveira


The entrance of the information technology within health organizations has been causing a true revolution, with new proposals in order to become a new practical facilitator on daily basis of health professionals. This article has the objective to evaluate the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) – ALERT EDIS – at a University Hospital. It has been evaluated a sample of 1,226 medical-cards from patients that have been served by 13 different medical specialties. In 95% of the medical cards there has been an insertion of a responsible and a 100% insertion of a diagnostics, and in only 0.32% there has been no anamnese nor external cause information (when applicable). In 9.54% of the medical cards there has been no evolution and in 31% the requested exams results were not described. Considering an overall, the EPR presents a good completeness from the majority of the evaluated items (-10% of absence). The EPR with compulsory field fulfillment is very valuable for its own quality with benefits to the patient assistance.


Information Technology; Human Relationship; Health Services; Electronic Patient Record; Health Information

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