The work market awake for aged people

Ana Maya Goto Uyehara


At the end of XX century, the old age theme has been approached due to concern of the society with the quality of man’s life in the aging process and the fact of seniors correspond to a growing representative portion of the population in the quantitative point of view. So the aging changes in a problem that wins expressiveness and legitimacy in the field of the daily current concerns. This article intends to demonstrate that the work can articulate other life projects for the seniors and to avoid psychic pathologies in the old age that can appear due to the loss of personal identity, to the involvement lack in motivated activities or starting from the adoption of inadequate consumption ways or lifestyles. For this, this article assumes a line of preventive character explanation under two slopes: the first refers to the fact that, if the work ennobles the man, he must acquire or improve this individual competences, adapting them to the new demands of the job market to get a job, or even to reactivate his professional life because new life projects. The second slope follows the direction of the discovery of the seniors’ potentialities for the companies, which can adapt the qualities [and limitations] of this workers category to the various functions in the organization. The Brazilian entrepreneur needs to be attentive to the image of his company and the differential competitive that can distinguish it of the other companies. And this can be to employee senior people or to maintenance it in the company personnel staff.


aging; work; intellectual capital; diversity; social responsibility.



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