The Influence of Leadership in The Conduct of the Implementation Process of Strategic Planning: A Case Study at the University Hospital of the University of St Catherine

Giselly Rizzatti, Mauricio Fernandes Pereira, Heloisa Cristina Martins Amaral


Teaching hospitals are undergoing profound and fast changes, especially resulting from the implementation of new policies for health. To achieve their goals and remain competitive, these organizations have been forced to adopt more effective management tools, among which are the elaboration of a strategic plan. The goal of this study is to analyze the influence of leadership in driving the implementation process of strategic planning in a teaching hospital. The study was conducted in the university hospital Prof. Polydoro Ernani de São Thiago from Federal University of Santa Catarina - HU / UFSC, where a semi-structured interview was conducted with the coordinator of the Strategic Planning Team HU / UFSC. Authors Hersey et al (1986), Northouse (2004), Schein (1997) Senge (1999), among others, were grounded theoretically in the theme of leadership. The theory of strategic planning was primarily based on works by authors Ansoff (l991), Hrebiniak (2006) and Pereira (2010). With the research results, we can conclude the great influence that leadership plays in driving the implementation process of strategic planning.


Hospital; Leadership; Strategic Planning; Implementation.



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