Fabiane Florencio de Souza, Alana Corsi, Clayton Pereira de Sá, Regina Negri Pagani, João Luiz Kovaleski


This article aims to identify data analysis in the context of healthcare, which is one of the domains of Smart Cities. For this, a systematic literature review was carried out, using the Methodi Ordinatio methodology, resulting in a portfolio of articles with scientific relevance, which was the source of data collection and analysis. Thus, the results obtained demonstrate that the most studied technologies in this context seek to analyze data with Big Data Analytics techniques, encompassing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which analyze data generated by "devices" in which Electronic Health Records are collected, and "sensors" often associated with the Internet of Things. However, some challenges were found, highlighting the need for data security and privacy, with the Blockchain technology being mentioned several times as a possible solution, thus, by combining digital technologies and data analysis techniques, an approximation is obtained. real of smart city concept.


Data Analysis; Big Data; Big Data Analysis; Healthcare; Health; Smart Cities; Technologies; Citizens; Machine Learning; Electronic Health.

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