Sustainable practices and eco-innovations adopted by industrial companies

Simone Sehnem, Fábio Lazzarotti, Fernando Fantoni Bencke


This study aimed to analyze the level of adoption of sustainable and eco-innovations implemented in the processes of industrial enterprises practices. The study was conducted in 300 industrial enterprises located in southern Brazil. It consists of a survey questionnaire that made use scalar itemizado measurement. Assigned a numerical score from 1 to 7, ranging from never to always Adopts Adopts, for each of the indicators evaluated. The questionnaire was made by the theoretical foundation of studies in the literature on eco-innovation and sustainable practices. Thus, the descriptive analysis was to evaluate the frequency distribution of responses if they obtained the measures of central tendency and dispersion for scalar variables and frequency distribution for categorical variables. Data analysis was performed based on the frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation and variance. They were also calculated kurtosis and skewness to understand the nature of the data distribution. The results show that the surveyed companies have increased investment in social and marketing area, in the perception of the subjects. Were evaluated types of eco-innovation that obtained the highest average and lower standard deviations. As need for improvements are innovation in products as the lowest mean and higher variance, followed by the organizational dimension. Therefore, the main contribution of this study is to understand the eco-innovation adoption stage in industrial companies, which allowed the development of an action agenda to contribute to the consolidation of these practices in Brazilian companies, since the understanding of the respondents, they they are fundamental in improving the quality, image and management industries.


Sustainability; Eco-Innovations; Industrial Enterprises ; Sustainable Practices; Innovation

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