Technology transfer offices as promoters of technology, innovation and regional development in mexico

Luis Felipe Beltran, Marco Antonio Almendarez, Victor Hugo Flores, Karla Suzeth Trejo, Magdalena Lagunas, Alfredo Ortega


Objective of the study: The main objective of this research work was to analyze the importance of a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) as an innovation promoter in regional development in Mexico. 

Methodology/Approach: An analysis bibliographic was used, application of surveys and generation of indexes. In 2014, a survey was applied to 131 TTOs to measure their impacts.

Originality/Relevance: To perform this analysis, we used a self-generated indicator, an index that measures the degree of specialization by geographic region and economic sector, using indicators of regional agglomeration as a basis. The agglomeration model generated was composed of national patent applications, international patents, utility models, industrial designs, and trade secrets.

Main results: The results by geographical area in Mexico, were the Northwest, specializing in aquaculture, fisheries, aeronautics and agriculture; the Northeast, in biotechnology, chemistry and metallurgy mechanics; the Center, in automobile, energy, and software; the West, in aerospace, automobile, chemistry and metallurgy mechanics; the Southeast, in food industry, construction, and mining.

Theoretical/methodological contributions: We found that the specialization of the TTOs among the various productive sectors in Mexico has contributed to the highest rates of growth in patent registration in the Latin American region.

Social/management contributions: Although contributions generated in protecting intellectual property at international level are still insufficient, we believe we are on the right track. At least Mexico started to generate the innovation ecosystem that other countries began four decades ago.


Technology Transfer Office; Intellectual Property; Innovation; Regional Development

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