Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management


The mission of the Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management (IJSM) is to contribute to and disseminate relevant high-quality research to the progress of knowledge of strategy, with a special phenomenological focus in Latin America.

Topics of Interest

The following topics are of interest to the IJSM:

  • Theoretical Perspectives and aspects of Strategy;
  • Strategy and Performance;
  • Leadership and Strategic Governance;
  • Formulation and Implementation of Strategy;
  • Corporate Strategy;
  • Organizational Perspective and Sociological Strategy;
  • Strategy and Cooperation;
  • Strategy and Innovation;
  • Strategy and International Business;
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship;
  • Strategy and Marketing.


The IJSM aims to publish original research in order to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the field of strategy. It accepts manuscripts from a variety of fields and topics, employing a wide range of methodological approaches that compound the field of business strategy and the interests of researchers and readers.

To be published in the IJSM, authors must adhere to high standards of research and contribute to theory and/or practice in Business Administration, regardless of whether the level of analysis is the individual, organization, region or country. The IJSM challenges potential authors to produce high quality distinguished research, well grounded in theory and with high methodological rigor. The demonstration of an effective conceptual contribution will be considered in the journal's editorial process.

In the drive to succeed in its mission, in addition to the traditional editorial, the journal offers:

  • Editorial Comments;
  • Articles;
  • Technical Reports;
  • Perspectives;
  • Bibliographic Reviews.


José Eduardo Storópoli

Editor Adjunto

Heidy Rodriguez Ramos

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Qualis Certification
SemeAD 2020
  • SemeAD202
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Vol 19, No 4 (2020): Oct./Dec.

Table of Contents


Danieli Artuzi Pes Backes, María Isabel Arias, José Eduardo Storopoli, Heidy Rodriguez Ramos


Eliana Cunico, José Paulo de Souza, Sandra Mara de Alencar Schiavi
Guilherme Freitas Cardoso, Guilherme Santos Souza, Luciano Ferreira Carvalho, Karem Cristina de Sousa Ribeiro
Gustavo Guimarães de Faria, Luciana Carvalho, Fernanda Maciel Peixoto, Jaluza Maria Lima Silva Borsatto
Mariana Rodrigues Calil, Janaína Maria Bueno, Carlos Roberto Domingues, Jacquelaine Florindo Borges
Sandra Maria Araújo de Souza, Paloma Rayanne Silva Bezerra, Gêuda Anazile da Costa Gonçalves
David Curtinaz Menezes, Diego Mota Vieira, Andersson Pereira dos Santos
Karla Moreira Finn, Fabiano de Lima Nunes, Cristine Hermann Nodari, Jefferson Dobner Sordi

Technical Articles

Glaucia Bambirra Silveira, Keilla Dayane da Silva Oliveira, Artur Leonardo Imamura Ferreira da Silva, Isabel Cristina dos Santos