The Development of Innovative Capacity: The Case of Fratelli Metalurgical and Renewable Energies Industry - Santa Rosa / RS

Clarice Vepo do Nascimento Welter, Jorge Oneide Sausen, Gabriela Cappellari


Objective: Our goal was to identify, understand, and analyze the organizational mechanisms and instruments for the development of innovative capacity in Fratelli, a metallurgical and renewable energies industry. The aim was to describe and analyze the behaviors and skills, processes and routines, and mechanisms of learning and knowledge governance that support the development of innovative capacity.

Method: This is a bibliographical research study, in which we used an exploratory and descriptive qualitative approach, carried out through a case study. We used semi-structured interviews with the owner and project manager of the organization for collecting data, and interpreted these data through content analysis.

Originality / Relevance: Studying the way in which small organizations develop innovative processes to compete in the market is of academic importance since many of the studies on innovation found in the literature have focused on exploring these processes in large companies.

Results: The results showed that the mechanisms and instruments that trigger the development of innovative capacity are the entrepreneur’s ability to identify market opportunities, analyze the environment, and anticipate future trends. Openness in receiving ideas from customers and employees, investment in training, and academic training of the team provided an innovative environment, stimulating the development of innovations.

Theoretical / methodological contributions: The contribution of this study resides in the fact of exploring the organizational mechanisms that propitiate the development of the innovative capacity of small companies. Exploring such mechanisms is important for understanding the antecedent organizational processes of innovation in small enterprises.


Dynamic Capabilities. Innovative Capability. Small Businesses.



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