Business competitiveness indicators for strategy formulation

Adilson Caldeira


Constant environmental changes are challenges to organizations survival and com­petitiveness, as a result of its capability to develop strategies that follow the stan­dard behavior of other players. Companies are considered competitive if they reach positive results due to actions accepted and recognized in the environment they work, that is why most of them try to follow successful cases as behavior models. The main objective of this study is to identify sources of information in order to evaluate the international economy competitiveness and analyze the references to the competitive business behavior patterns in Brazil. It was used bibliographic infor­mation sources complemented by exploratory qualitative research about the sector data availability used by companies during the identification of their competitive­ness. As main results, one can stand out the recovery of the present conceptual discussion on business competitiveness and its evaluation procedures, as well as the identification of data sources available in Brazil and other countries.


Competitiveness. Measurement. Strategic performance. Strategy.



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