Life quality satisfaction in the work regarding the bio-psycho-socials and organizations: a comparative study among professors of a public university

Silvio Roberto Stefano, Maria Cristina Pinto Gattai, Viviane Rossini, Ana Cristina Limongi França


In  this  study,  it  was  intended  to  know  more deeply about the  satisfaction  level  of the  public university professors with the quality life at work (QLW) comparatively  to  the  private  university ones, being taken as base the bio-psycho-socials factors  of the  two groups. For  so  much, a  field research was accomplished through the selection of a sample of professors from a public university of  the  State  of Paraná  and a  private  university of the State of São Paulo. A solemnity-report instrument was applied  with  sixty  seven subjects and  the  obtained  data  were  tabulated  with  the averages  of  the  results  obtained  for  each  attribute. The appraised dependent variable – the de-gree of the professors’ satisfaction in relation  to the variables of QLW offered by the researched universities – was classified in biological, psycho-logical,  social  and  organizational.  Starting  from these data, it took place a descriptive analysis.


Human resources. Quality life at work. Satisfaction at work.



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