Reinsertion of the aging worker on job market: is cluster an alternative?

Flávio Henrique dos Santos Foguel, Miguel Arantes Normanha Filho


This essay  focus  on the reinsertion of the aging worker,  specialized  worker,  connected  to  the productive  sector  of  micro,  small  and  middle companies,  satisfactorily  and  deservingly,  in  a cluster  or  in  a  Local  Productive  Arrangement (LPA), defined for this study as community. Aging people  is considered,  in  this work, as  a multiplier  of  knowledge,  bringing  as  consequence the  valuation  and  the  perpetuation  of  the  local culture, by means of the permanence of the new generations on their communities, resulting on a sustainable development. The study of this ques-tion is justified by the necessity of a greater com-mitment and effort  from each  society sector on creation of a new paradigm  to the work,  which includes the aging people reinsertion together the young  workers  insertion.  An  effort  which  will preserve  the  competitiveness  market  benefits with clear rules and borders, keeping the human development  and the  equity  as main objectives, which enlarges the child and the young formation focused  on  the  market  job,  creating  conditions of  work to  aging  people, that are abandoned  in many aspects of their social life, specially by the family, and that in its great majority are destitute of financial resources to live with dignity.



Aging people. Cluster. Community. Worker reinsertion.



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