Strategic groups: a study of the business administration degree courses in the São Paulo city

Taiguara Freitas Langrafe, João Maurício Gama Boaventura, Ralph Santos da Silva, Dirceu da Silva


The aim of this study is to identify the strategic groups formed by Institutions that run  undergraduate courses in Business Administration in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. This is an exploratory research, since there are no hypotheses to test, but it is also descriptive because it describes strategic groupings. Primary data were gathered directly in the Institutions studied and secondary data were obtained from the Ministry of Education (MEC). The regulatory variables used incorporate coercive institutional isomorphic dimensions. The findings corroborated the use of that instrument with those regulatory variables, as it improves the structural analysis of the sector, and could serve as a reference for studies on other sectors which are subject to regulatory forces similar to those explicitly found in third level Education.


Strategy; Administration Courses; Comparison between undergraduate courses.



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