Internationalization of brazilian scientific journals: case study in light of the network theory and the institutional theory

Felipe Mendes Borini, Jackeline Ferreira


The article questions the challenges of internationalization of Brazilian scientific journals in the administrationarea. The aim of this paper is to analyze how two theories, that over the past decade gained great space to explainthe internationalization of companies, namely the theory of networks and institution, to help us understand theinternationalization of the journals, and how the analysis of the phenomenon of globalization of journals raisesnew proposals for the internationalization process when analyzed by these two theoretical perspectives. Thetheoretical framework is based on the network theory, and on the institutional environment. By means of aqualitative research methodology, we attempted to understand what the journal's inclusion in the network is andwhat understanding the publisher has in relation to the institutional environment and how this understandingleads to the internationalization process. One perceives as a result a strong pressure from the institutionalenvironment from the country of origin and a low rate of inclusion of journals in networks. These results raisethe challenge of an articulated policy of the institutions from the countries of origin and internationalization ofthe journals. This builds up the importance of an intersection between the theory of the institutional environmentcombined with the theory of the business networks to explain the business units internationalization movement,namely, academic journals.


Periódicos Científicos; Internacionalização; Teoria Institucional; Teoria das Redes



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