Influência institucional em arranjos produtivos locais para criação de inovação

Oscar Sarquis González Braga, Sérgio Henrique Arruda Cavalcante Forte


While government and regulatory policies can promote significant changes in product technologies and processes, which in turn benefit industrial innovative, if not carefully managed can generate significant deleterious effects on the innovation process (Patanakul & Pinto, 2014). Based on this assumption, this research objectived to highlight the key role of institutions in the process of creation and innovation diffusion in particularly within sectors with low technological dynamism. To this end, we used the data tabulated by Pintec (2013) on the clothing and food industries in the state of Ceará. Brazil. Starting from a model in which we focused on the marketing and technological usage profile dimensions in those sectors, it was observed that the model did not explain fully the creation and technology diffusion process. Then added a new dimension to the model considering the institutional role in supporting the innovation process, so getting the new methodological framework for better explanatory power of the phenomena involved.


Clusters; Innovation; Institutions; Strategic Resources; Pintec

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