Desempenho social e financeiro de pequenas e médias empresas: modelo conceitual de causa e efeito

Jose Elenilson Cruz, Rafael Barreiros Porto


Corporate social performance can be understood as a way to measure the efficiency of interactions between companies and their main stakeholders. This evaluation has led to some steps forward in research and management implications. One of its main issues, which is the study of the relationship between social and financial performance, focuses on traditional joint-stock companies. This fact reveals a gap concerning the object of study in the literature of the area. The importance of investigating small and medium companies (SMCs) lies in their social and economic relevance and also in new evidences these studies may provide. After the theoretical discussion, this study presents a conceptual model composed of research propositions to be tested by future empirical studies that wish to answer the following question: in small and medium companies there are relations of cause and effect between social and financial performance? The test of the proposals suggested can reveal, among other results, the categories of social performance of SMCs most affected by a higher financial performance, as established by the premises of theoretical slack-resources; if the impact of these categories on the financial performance is qualified by way of management, confirming assumptions of the theory good management, or if there are no significant differences between the social performance of SMEs with higher financial performance and SMEs with low financial performance, revealing the existence of non-financial factors also influence social performance.


Desempenho social e financeiro, estratégia empresarial, pequenas e médias empresas.



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