Organizational learning and innovation influence on organizational performance of companies in the wine sector

Patricia Frizzo, Giancarlo Gomes


This study aims to analyze the influence of organizational learning and innovation on organizational performance of wine companies. Organizational learning has been verified through the acquisition of knowledge, distribution of information, interpretation of information and organizational memory. Innovation approach involved administrative, procedural and production divisions. Previous studies suggest that there is an interaction among organizational learning, innovation and organizational performance. This research is quantitative, descriptive and causal, with cross section method of survey. The data controller was analyzed by means of structural equation modeling. The sample counted with 54 respondents. The results of the proposed model showed that the dimension that best explained the organizational learning was distribution of information; and, for innovation was explained by production. Finally, we found that the organizational learning influences innovation and that innovation influences organizational performance. However, we did not find a direct influence of organizational learning on organizational performance.


Organizational Learning. Innovation. Organizational Performance. Winery Industry.



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