Open innovation in brazilian companies: an analysis of scientific papers from 2003 to 2016

Angilberto Sabino de Freitas, Fernando Filardi, Ana Cristina de Oliveira Lott, Daniel Braga


The objective of this article is to draw a profile of the research in Open Innovation (OI) in Brazil from 2003 to 2016 in Brazilian journals of the management area. This paper aims to highlight existing gaps and opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the theme. We have identified 32 studies that reveal that the theme is not yet consolidated in Brazilian researchers' agendas. The results highlight that: (i) the empirical studies are the majority, with 24 articles, among which 19 research have a qualitative nature, (ii) the only two thematic categories identified are (1) benefits and advantages of open innovation, with 13 studies Which consider the relevance of adopting the open innovation model in the view of the organization as well as the perspective of clients and the network; and (2) level of adoption of the open innovation, with 19 researches regarding the effective adoption or not of the open innovation ​​model, in which were focused public and private organizations that are located in different industries and sectors of the economy.


Innovation; Open Innovation; Cooperation Networks.



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