Creation of Organizational Knowledge on the Basis Von Krogh, Nonaka and Ichijo Capacitors: A Case Study in the Grange Df Pork Company

Elisângela Freitas da Silva, Frederico Cesar Mafra Pereira, Eloísa Helena Guimarães Rodrigues


This research aimed to identify and analyze, from the perspective of Von krogh et al. (2001), what enablers are present at the creation of organizational knowledge of the swine Granja DF Pork Company, from the perspectives of its managers and employees. The research is characterized as descriptive, qualitative, and the case study as the chosen method. There were nine representative interviewed subjects of strategic, managerial and operational company, selected by convenience sample, via semi-structured, and the use of participant observation technique. The results indicate the existence of four of the five enablers proposed by Von Krogh et al. (2001) in the context of DF Pork: ‘to instill the vision of knowledge', 'managing conversations', 'creating the appropriate context' and 'globalize local knowledge', and detected the absence of enabling 'mobilize knowledge activists' . However, the existence of these enablers happens at the level of individuals the company researched through isolated knowledge conversion practices, not as conditions for the creation of knowledge at the organizational level. Such considerations may serve as a basis for structuring and implementation of knowledge translation practices at the organizational level in DF Pork.


Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management; Creation of Organizational Knowledge; Implementation of Knowledge



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