Interactivity and engagement: a systematic review of academic production in marketing

Daniela Menezes Garzaro, Luís Fernando Varotto, Marcelo Carvalho, Samara de Carvalho Pedro


Purpose: This study aimed to identify the current direction of research on interactivity and engagement, specifically in the field of marketing, evaluating in-depth the main themes and methods of studied research, indicating new directions for future research.

Method: From journals listed in the Web of Science, a systematic review of the literature was carried out through textual statistics analysis with the Iramuteq software.  We conducted an in-depth analysis of 40 articles on the subject of engagement and interactivity.

Results: We identified that the theme is studied in several environments, such as online environment, social communities, social media ads, games advertising and mobile telephony. The textual analysis indicates that the most frequent relation is related to the studies of branding. This work also identified that most of the research was carried out in the United States, and the most used approach was quantitative, primarily with the use of structural equation modeling.

Theoretical contributions: This work contributes to consolidate the academic research in interactivity and engagement in the field of marketing. It shows that interactivity is directly related to engagement and its cognitive and affective commitment, generating an active relationship with technology, which influences satisfaction, trust and commitment.

Originality/relevance: This study presents the most recent studies and presents relevant research gaps on the topic of engagement and interactivity, reinforcing its current relevance and increasing importance in marketing research.


Systematic literature review; Interactivity; Engagement; Marketing

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