Strategic Matrix of Competitive Intelligence

Mario Teixeira Reis Neto, Márcio de Lima Dusi, Ricardo de Faria Leopoldo, Luiz Rodrigo Cunha Moura


The objective of this work is to propose a matrix of relationship between the concepts of Actionability - the FAROUT model of (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003) - and Integrity - (Marcial, Costa, & Curvelo, 2002) in Competitive Intelligence (CI). As a methodology, a descriptive research was carried out with a single cross-section and applied to eight organizations chosen for convenience of the model, from different sectors. This is a qualitative, sectoral, exploratory study of multiple cases. The study produced a model of analysis combining actionability and integrity in a unique way. As a contribution, a proposal of a relationship matrix was prepared to verify if the companies effectively have a CI area and not espionage, speculation or storage; in the matrix, the constituent elements of the attributes of Action and Integrity are measured and classified. Among the companies surveyed, only three of them demonstrated full capacity to construct a CI area. The main contribution of this work was to keep similarity with the traditional strategic tools and to associate two essential concepts to the verification of the competitive capacity of the company.


Competitive Intelligence. Actionable. Integrity.



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