Competitive Intelligence as a Support to the Business Strategy in Micro and Small Companies: A Study in The Aerotropolis of Belo Horizonte

Frederico Cesar Mafra Pereira, Ester Eliane Jeunon, Regiane Santos Barbosa, Leonora da Cunha Duarte


The competitive context in which an enterprise operates can become even more impacting when there are environmental factors that bring massive scenario changes. The implementation of an Aerotropolis, which is an urban structure that has the airport as its center and, in its surroundings, activities related to it, requires an entrepreneurial and innovative positioning of enterprises, regardless their size. Based on this statement, the focus of this article was to analyze how the Competitive Intelligence is configured in Micro and Small Companies at the Aerotropolis of Belo Horizonte with a view to the elaboration of its Business Strategies. To achieve the study purpose, a descriptive research was performed, using a qualitative approach, from the triangulation method to collection and analysis data. Informality in the implementation of Competitive Intelligence and a disability to view growth possibilities were the most striking features on the results. There is a significant opportunity for improvement in the management processes of the companies surveyed, showing the importance of research conducted for the economic development of the region.


Small and Micro Enterprises; Competitive Intelligence; Business Strategy; Competitiveness; Belo Horizonte Aerotropolis.



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