Cooperative Organizational Networks Strategy:A Study in the Tourism Center, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Maximiliano Francisco Oliveira, Carlos Alberto Gonçalves


The present work consists on the analysis of the relationship structure among the Inns located in “Serra do Cipó”, Minas Gerais, Brazil. It aims to describe how this structure determines the the cooperation and the relational learning. In order to develop the analysis, it was verified the existence, the intensity, the potentiality and the relation of the following constructs: actuation networks, cooperation, relational learning and network fragmentation. The data were collected by means of the application of a questionnaire and were treated with the software Ucinet 6.0. It had the support of the theory of analysis of social networks. It was also used techniques of analysis of statistical regression and techniques of descriptive statistics. The earlier results showed the presence of all the analyzed constructs, with a emphasis on actuation networks that reached the highest intensity, followed successively by the relational learning and network fragmentation. The cooperation was the construct that presented the lowest intensity, however, with highest cohesion. Based in the tests of the proposed hypothetical model, it can be verify the significance of positive relation among the constructs: actuation networks and cooperation, cooperation and relational learning. The relation among relational learning and network fragmentation also were significant but with a negative relation. From the conclusions, it was possible to confirm the initial premise of the performance in networking among enterprises studied, verify the presence of cooperation in the structure of relationships and verify the existence of relational learning.


Cooperative Strategy; Organizational Networks; Relational Learning



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