The Adoption of International Proceedures, the Bologna Process, by a Local University: A Case Study at Unitau

Edson Aparecida de Araujo Querido Oliveira, Leonardo de Almeida Teixeira, Elvira Aparecida Simões de Araujo


This paper aims to discuss the process of internationalization of the HEI, based on the Bologna Process. An exploratory study was made to identify barriers for the internationalization of a local institution: The University of Taubate. The main topics were the internationalization of the firm and the Bologna Process. This HEI is located in the Vale Paraíba Paulista, a growing and strategic region in Brazilian soil. Education and skilled labor are key elements to regional development. The essay consists of a case study. Particularities from the Brazilian Higher Education System and the European Model are analyzed. They are combined with the Institution’s policies. The results show the current stage of the action lines that direct the application of the European model, at the University of Taubate. The conclusions consider the convergence of the Bologna Process with the guidelines of the Brazilian higher education policies, and point out some difficulties and opportunities that may be considered if the HEI decides to adopt an internationalization model.


Management; Internationalization of the Firms; Higher Education Institutions; Education; The Bologna Process.



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