Immediate electromyographic changes of the upper limb muscles following cervical manipulation in a patient with essential tremor: a case report

Emanuele Carvalho, Camila Silva, Ana Paula Santos, Fábio Luiz Martins, Michelle Almeida Barbosa, Alexandre Wesley Carvalho Barbosa


Introduction and Objective: The purpose of this case report is to evaluate upper limb muscle electric behavior by surface electromyography before and after cervical manipulation in a patient with essential tremor. Methods: In 2009, essential tremor was diagnosed by a neurologist in a 25-year-old woman. Previous treatment included Paroxetine for a number of months, without alteration of her symptoms. The patient was assessed by surface electromyography of the upper limb muscles (flexor and extensor of the wrist, long heads of biceps and triceps) before and after being subjected to high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation to her mid cervical spine (C3-C4 level, 1 manipulation/side). Results: There was an increase of the median frequency rate and a decrease of the electrical activity of these muscles. Conclusion: This case study showed the cervical manipulation technique acutely modifying the electromyographic activity, increasing the median frequency, and decreasing the muscle recruitment of the upper limb. It suggests improved motor control during the tasks.


Electromyography; Muscles; Spinal manipulation; Tremor.

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