Effects of muscle inhibition technique on relief of masticatory pain in patients with temporomandibular disorders: an experimental study

Livia Moura Dias, Itana Lisane Spinato, Thiago Brasileiro de Vasconcelos, Danielle Varela Rodrigues, Raimunda Hermelinda Maia Macena, Clarissa Bentes de Araujo Magalhães, Maria do Socorro Quintino Farias, Teresa Maria da Silva Câmara, Danielle Silveira Macêdo, Vasco Pinheiro Diógenes Bastos


Objectives: To verify the effects of the technique of muscle inhibition in individuals with Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). Methods: A longitudinal, interventional, exploratory, comparative study was conducted of seven female subjects with a mean age of 42.8 (± 19.12) years. Participants were submitted to an active muscle inhibition technique until muscle relaxation occurred. We analyzed pain intensity, range of motion and bite force. Results: The pain decreased after use of the technique(p 0.01) from 6.3 to 2.3; the range of motion showed gains in the opening (p=0.04) and an increase by 2 mm of right laterality(p=0.01) and left laterality (p=0.01), while protrusion was not affected (p=0.35). The bite force increased by 13 mmHg after the use of the technique(p 0.01). Conclusion: The technique of muscle inhibition was responsible for significant reductions in the frequency and intensity of kinesiological episodes and in changes of the functional conditions of patients with TMD.


Pain; Physical therapy modalities; Temporomandibular joint disorders.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5585/conssaude.v12n2.4322


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